Review headphones Whizzer A15 — in the shadow of older brother

Review headphones Whizzer A15 — in the shadow of older brother


If you evaluate headphones exclusively from the point of view raised around them the noise, then the model Whizzer A15 and A15 Pro surely become winners 2017, or at least one of the main contenders for success. Unfortunately for the manufacturer, only with words not to earn money, so let’s figure out what we are offering ambitious no-longer-quite-newbie.

Originally I thought to make the overall review includes both models — both basic and Pro — but, listening to them and comparing prices, I decided to still share the opinion on the two passages is too different models came (at least to my ears).

In General, the Whizzer are the perfect demonstration of how quickly and rapidly becomes the new brand in the market of headphones: great quality, good package, good sound (and in the case of A15 Pro and does great) at a very affordable price that can offer listeners “young brands” (though it turns out not at all).


  • Emitter: 10 mm, dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency range: 4 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Cable: removable, with MMCX connectors, 1.2 m
  • Weight: 8.9 g

Packing and delivery

In creating the package of the first embodiment of the headphone, the developers decided to use ancient Chinese wisdom: “the bigger box is better” and have not regretted cardboard, plastic inserts and spacers inside. It all looks very solid, and the package did not disappoint.

In the box except the headphones and wire them you will find:

  • two sets of 3 pairs of tips, one is signed as “reference”, the second as “transparent,” apparently to confuse the listener, what he should choose. But in fact the difference is small and is in a slightly different amount of bass. The nozzle is fixed in a convenient metal plate organizer
  • spare foam filters in the sound channel
  • tweezers to replace them
  • little pouch with magnetic flap faux leather

As you can see, in this parameter, everything is fine pulls on almost top level.

Design and comfortable wearing

Continues pleasant experience design. The Whizzer managed to make their headphones is not like the others, but “in the best sense of the word.” The body is slightly unusual shape in the form of triangles with rounded corners look very interesting, and excellent quality of execution adds to the feeling of solidity.

With landing everything a little bit worse, but not critical. In Whizzer have not calculated a bit with the angle of the sound channel, so some people (myself included) the headset tight against his ear. In General, anything but acoustic insulation is not affected (and in isolation — not much), but complaining about it is not only on my part. Plus the “normal” version of the A15 is a bit more than standard headphones, so owners of small ears can not put. Me and my medium size ear shells of these problems does not feel, the A15 is very comfortable in wearing, anything never rests and does not interfere. In General, using non-standard cable, earphones can be worn cable down, but behind-the-ear fit is still more convenient for them, especially given the rather massive buildings.

Soundproofing — a little less than the average, but in everyday use on the street enough (subway and road work with a jackhammer obviously be exceptions).

Wire a plug, uses MMCX connectors, complete cable stars in the sky are not enough, but overall well done — not microphonic in the cold to harden a little, near the ear-hook connectors made of memory foam. These connectors are large, which provides a good whatisthat, so the problems with removing them will not. But in General, the connectors here are not the tight, although weak, they also will not name.


To listen following equipment was used.

Before listening headphones were heated for 48 hours.

In General, my opinion on the A15 is not the same as “majority” of other authors on the Internet. Most of the reviews I have read of other, more suitable times A15 Pro, they offer balanced sound close to the hybrid models, but the conventional option A15 offers enough noticeable emphasis on bass. Due to problems with the landing, which, judging by the reviews online, there are not only me, the sound may change, so I spent listening to A15 more time than usual, using a variety of complete and not the nozzle, and pressing them at a different angle. In the end a review is made on the basis of the “nepasiseke” option, with average attachments “transparency” and without a clip.

NCH “tag” noticeably accented. Of course, not enough to be considered bazhenau model, but more “traditional” headphone level, which is recognized as a more or less neutral. Recovery response goes almost into the very depths available to the human ear range, which affects overall perception of the woofers: they are massive and not particularly quick to say that they are spread out, as is the case with unsuccessful models, I can’t, but the super resolution A15 do not Shine, their main strong point — the mass. However, the study of the textures on recuperating bass melodies they manage well.

Mid-range is played very well, but it suffers from saturated bass, mid seems to be laid by the wayside and abandoned there, although in reality SCH then have a normal resolution and a very effective balance between being analytical and musical flow. In General, if the bass here is not dominated (as he has no other options, as they say, “the rhinoceros very badly sees, but its weight is not his problem”), headphones, the MF would be a real competitor to the best representatives of the dynamic middle price segment. The latter thesis, by the way, prove A15 Pro, but more on that another time. The imaginary scene is a little smaller than average in width and depth that is characteristic for headphones with overly accented bass, the bass is too massive substrate simply does not allow higher frequencies to do their job.

HF, thankfully, have a pronounced accent, without which the case would be quite sad. Emphasis is chosen very carefully, and good records and qualitative sources, it is not jarring and does not give an unpleasant metallic echo, but gently balances the flow model, allowing the headphones to show aggression and micronance female vocals. Of course, talk about the ideal study attacks and attenuation on the treble here is not necessary, but at least normally balanced their number and good resolution — a wonderful step for this price category.

To compare this time I will not, because to paint a bunch of options in style “is not like, less bass” meaning little.


Since the headphones have their own, noticeably painted serving, top the sources for them are not needed, they will still play “his way.” The main thing is to avoid them, players with a strong emphasis on bass, or dark flow.

The genre I would recommend a simple version A15 for electronic music, jazz, non-heavy rock and pop — styles, where the underlined NCH would be appropriate. To the quality of the tracks headphone is not particularly critical, the main thing USC and treble was well written. On a notional scale of “picky” I would rate them a 5 out of 10.

Traditional tracks as example

Duke Ellington — In a Sentimental Mood. A great jazz standard, thanks to a very decent mid heroes of today’s review reveals very good and underlined NCH something go in his favor.

Duffy — Warwick Avenue. Quite a few known to us, but a wonderful singer originally from Wales and her biggest hit about the breakup. Because of the emphasis on SC/HF at A15, female vocals in them sounds very nice, and this song is a good example.

Erykah Badu — Appletree (2B3 Mix). For those who, like me, misses the fly and the heat is a little music to warm thoughts. Positive vibration, sensitively captured and underline A15, sound very nice, giving the track drama and evoking the right mood.


The first model Whizzer proved that can make headphones a very cool shape and a good, though not perfect sound. For the absolute success they needed a more versatile flow, and they did it, but about it next time.

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