Roam Ski — exoskeleton for beginners

Roam Ski — exoskeleton for beginners


To ski or snowboard is very fun, but if the athlete performs a specific training plan or just riding for the whole day, the feet can be quite tired. In order to avoid this, the company Roam Robotics has created an exoskeleton to reduce the load on your knees.

Development of the company allows the use of the exoskeleton in automatic or normal mode. The first of these foresees the movements of the skier, and then adjusts the load on the legs, on the basis of the obtained data. The manual option is intended for advanced athletes, confidently standing on his feet, able to perform complex tricks and participate in long races.

The creators of sports exoskeleton note that the device will be useful not only to older skiers who due to age has become difficult to perform long runs and make complicated tricks. Roam Ski suitable for beginners — using Zimnevich actuators and airbags exoskeleton can support the skier, allowing it to better stay on track and perform stunts with less risk to health. With him the athletes are less tired after a long ride.

This sports exoskeleton cheaper than medical counterparts, however, to buy it, you must first book yourself one — the reserve price is $ 99. After this it remains only to wait for release Roam Ski scheduled for January 2019. That’s when it will be available, by making a payment in the amount of 2000-2500 dollars. Exact prices, developers have not yet called, but note that enthusiasts who dream to get maximum emotions of each ski season, just be happy with the purchase.

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