Romance is a gift of love

Romance is a gift of love


Singer Oleg Pogudin — the soulful essence of Russian romance

Photo: the official site of the singer Oleg Pogudin/pogudin.EN

Just make a reservation: reflections on Russian urban romance, a genre that hardly give an unambiguous and clear definition of concepts and terms specific to musicologists; as it is impossible to explain its success, including commercial, techniques, and concepts familiar to the producers and personalities of show business.

At the same time, urban romance, especially in its best samples, definitely is worthy of vocal music, and its success as one of the most popular genres today is obvious. The public attitude to romance is not dependent on the fashion tastes of the modern, urgent problems and demands of the society.

Romance love. But most importantly, this love is all-pervasive, cross-cutting, independent of the level of preparedness, social status, education, financial solvency, political affiliation, ideologies, places and even countries of residence of the students. Needless to say, romance is, with very rare exceptions, a song about love, but how many love songs written over many years in all areas of vocal music? Nevertheless, a brilliant academic repertoire of vocalists not often is such a comprehensive affection, like romance, and the success of modern pop songs (not discussing here the quality) and all is fleeting. What is the appeal of this genre for many fans both in Russia and abroad, and why the love romance so strong and long?

It seems to me, is the quality that distinguishes and differentiates romance: is sincerity. And the more spiritual emptiness is fraught with the surrounding world, however, this sincerity is necessary.

Therefore, it is impossible to perform the song to the soundtrack — because in this case lost its whole meaning, the whole inner essence.

The melody of the romance is often quite simple but always beautiful and touching.

The texts of the romances can be quite simple and even rustic, but always sincere and heartfelt. The only prerequisite for the adequate execution and perception of romance is the beating heart that has a need to love.

The song is simple, heartfelt, emotional, sincere and talented conversation of man with man. The heritage of this chamber genre was incredible — the possibility of restoring human dignity and revival of love of the human soul.

In a world that is rapidly losing the ability to love, will always be necessary and desirable someone who has the gift and the right to testify about love.

The author — performer of songs, teacher, people’s artist of Russia

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