“Roscosmos” threatened the French claim because of the arrest of funds in...

“Roscosmos” threatened the French claim because of the arrest of funds in the Yukos case


Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

“Roscosmos” threatened the French authorities claim, demanding payment of €300 million, which were arrested because of the claim of former Yukos shareholders. The French court withdrew the arrest of assets in April, but the Corporation has still not received the funds back

The General Director of Roscosmos Igor Komarov demanded from the French government for the disbursement of funds of his organization, which was arrested because of the claim of the former shareholders of Yukos. It is reported TASS with reference to AFP, which got acquainted with the text of the letter addressed to the Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls.

According to the Agency, otherwise Mosquitoes is threatening to file a lawsuit against France to the court of arbitration. We are talking about delayed payments, “Roskosmos” in the amount of €300 million from the group Arianespace. The funds were frozen among other Russian assets in accordance with the decision of the court of Arbitration at the Hague from July 2014. Then the court established the payment of us $50 billion by the Russian state to the former shareholders of Yukos.

In April 2016, a court in France withdrew the arrest from the assets of Roskosmos and decided to unlock the amount of €300 million the Space Agency was recognized as a structure that legally does not belong to the state ownership, and its assets were regarded as aprinderea state.

As he wrote RBC, benefit claims managed and other Russian companies, in particular it was about MIA “Russia today”, “Cosmic connection” and “Goszagransobstvennost”. However, their assets blocked, as the plaintiffs immediately filed an appeal against the decision of the court.

April 20 District court of the Hague invalidated the decision of the permanent court of arbitration and withdrew from Russia the payment obligations of $50 billion. The court agreed with the arguments of Russia that the competence of the arbitration court is not included claims of this kind. The Russian Ministry of justice noted that the decision did not call off the arrests of Russian assets abroad, but was given the opportunity to request cancellation of interim measures by order 2014.

Former shareholders of Yukos by the decision of the Hague Tribunal could enforce judicial decisions in different countries. Russian assets have been arrested in France and Belgium. Plaintiffs have made similar attempts in Germany, UK, USA, Netherlands and India.