“Roscosmos” will spend more than 6 billion rubles for the exploration of...

“Roscosmos” will spend more than 6 billion rubles for the exploration of Mars


Russian state space Agency Roscosmos plans to spend 6 billion rubles for the project “Eczemas” is a joint venture with the European space Agency (ESA), whose goal is the exploration of Mars and search for evidence of past and present life on the red planet. It is reported by Interfax with reference to the portal of public procurement.

Published by the Corporation plan it is reported that the creation of a satellite system for Mars exploration in the joint with the European space Agency project ExoMars will be spent 6,23 billion rubles. In the same material it is noted that in 2018 to implement the program allocated more than 623 million rubles. In 2019 for the program will spend 2.5 billion rubles, and in 2020 – 1.18 billion. In the next period it is planned to spend more 1,928 billion rubles.

ExoMars is a joint Russian-European project to study Mars from orbit with spacecraft, and through ground operations. Among the main objectives of the project – collection of geological samples, and the search for Martian life forms.

Recall that the project has two phases. In the first, in 2016, the Martian orbit was launched the spacecraft TGO. Its task is to study the atmosphere of Mars and search of chemical elements, which could indicate the presence of processes of the origin of life on the planet. In addition, this module will be used to transfer data from the European Rover and a Russian lander with scientific equipment on the Ground, which will be delivered to Mars in the framework of the second phase of the project “Eczemas” in 2020.