“Rosneft” began “to quickly make the case” of “Bashneft”

“Rosneft” began “to quickly make the case” of “Bashneft”


The office of the company “Bashneft” in Moscow


Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC

As told RBC sources close to the “Bashneft”, in the company’s offices in Moscow and Ufa, began the seizure of documents and turn off the Internet. The press Secretary bought “Bashneft”, “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev explained the situation as “transfer cases”

The next day after the completion of the sale of the state stake in Bashneft to Rosneft in the company’s offices in Ufa and in Moscow began the seizure of documents. About it told RBC a source in the “Bashneft” confirmed a friend of another employee.

According to one of interlocutors of RBC in the seizure of documents in each of the two offices involved 30 people in civilian clothes who come into the departments and take the documents. He added that the communication in the office is limited to corporate services — Internet not working, and the security and access control at the entrance strengthened. In the Central office of “Bashneft” near metro station “Mayakovskaya” is indeed enhanced security — two security guards standing right at the entrance and two at the turnstiles, the correspondent of RBC

Friend employee of “Bashneft” confirmed this: “Internet disconnected, only work corporate services”. “In the morning the first floor [of the Central office in Moscow] was filled with a crowd of people in Ufa, and we [in Moscow] there is a withdrawal of documents,” he added.

Just Thursday morning, October 13, the Board of Directors of “Bashneft”, of 50.08% of which is bought on the eve of “Rosneft” made a decision about a complete change in the management of the company. Alexander Korsik, head of Bashneft in 2011, resigned ahead of schedule, he was replaced by Vice-President of “Rosneft” Andrei Shishkin. In addition, the Board of Directors terminated the powers of the remaining six members of the Board of “Bashneft”, they were replaced by representatives of “Rosneft”. And on December 16 will be held meeting of shareholders of “Bashneft”, which is scheduled to elect a new Board of Directors.

Press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontiev, in a conversation with RBC said that it is a “referral” and not the seizure of documents. “Is the transfer of cases, — said Leontiev. — Pretty fast, but that’s okay.” He noted that the office of “Bashneft”, went to Irina Andrianova, Director of the Department of public relations of “Rosneft”. “It is, of course, in the civilian or Natalia Minchev (joined the Board Bashneft. — RBC), chief lawyer, she is also quite in civilian clothes,” he said. According to Leontiev, the challenge now is “quickly enough to take control of the main functional activities.” “The new leadership must monitor the activities of the company, so you need to quickly transfer files, documents and so on, to prevent the leakage of information, including some toxic”, he concluded. Comment on disabling the Internet in the offices of “Bashneft” Leontyev refused.

In the oil industry at large takeovers, especially hostile or who had long prepared, periodically, there is a rapid transfer of management to the representatives of the new owner, as well as large-scale rotation of staff, says the Director of the Department on work with key clients of personnel Agency “yuniti” Rustam Barnehage. But this process usually takes a few days or even hours, and a few months, he said.

Barnehage cites the takeover of Yukos assets by structures “Rosneft” in 2005, when due to the difference in the system of corporate governance and the salaries of many employees of Yukos resigned. A similar situation arose in the sale of “Rosneft” 100% of TNK-BP in 2013, he recalls. But the expert does not expect that after the management of “Bashneft” fired most of the staff of this company. The market is now a crisis, and the information that “Rosneft” will buy it, appeared a few months ago, and those employees who wanted to quit most likely had to change the place of work.

The representative of “Bashneft” Sergey Verezemsky, declined to comment. The press service of the interior Ministry in Moscow, RBC stated that the Department does not have information about the seizure of documents. The representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia said that the investigation of “Bashneft” also does not work.

On Wednesday evening, the press service of the Ministry of economic development reported that “Rosneft” has concluded the contract of purchase and sale of “Bashneft” and paid 329,7 billion rubles, which will go to the Russian budget. The company has not filed a petition to FAS. As explained RBC representative of the Federal Antimonopoly service to submit such a proposal was not necessary, as the purchase of “Bashneft” has occurred on behalf of the government.