“Rostselmash” is not rated leasing

“Rostselmash” is not rated leasing


The largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery insists on the revision of the system of state preferential leasing

Photo: RIA Novosti/Mikhail Mokrushin

The largest Russian producer of agricultural machinery — group of companies “Rostselmash” (takes in the domestic market over 70%) said that the state company “Rosagroleasing” owed for the equipment almost 1.5 billion rubles. According to market participants, Rosagroleasing started buying equipment from the Russian representative of the Belarusian company Gomselmash — “Bryanskselmash”. Not to depend on one company, Rostov manufacturer proposes to revise the system of state preferential leasing, distributing state support on a regional leasing company.

In the “Rosagroleasing” claim that the Rostov manufacturer has repeatedly violated the terms of delivery of technology and “cunning” with the price. But despite this, the company continues to cooperate with the “Rostselmash”, as well as 84 other suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Co-owner of “Rostselmash” Konstantin Babkin told “Izvestia” that the company’s lawyers are preparing a petition to the court to “Rosagroleasing”. According to the “Rostselmash”, the state-owned company owes for the equipment purchased almost 1.5 billion rubles. Despite the fact that shipped this year, “Rosagroleasing” about 1,200 pieces of equipment, approximately half of these funds did not come.

According to Konstantin Babkina, the payments stopped coming six months ago. Recently, the businessman says, it became clear that the state ceased to purchase equipment of the Rostov enterprise. Co-owner of “Rostselmash” cites the evidence of numerous letters from farmers in the management of the plant to clarify to them why the credit Committee of “Rosagroleasing” was denied them to acquire the equipment “Rostselmash”.

According to Konstantin Babkina, suffer from unpredictable activity of Rosagroleasing almost all manufacturers of agricultural machinery. However, to openly Express their grievances to the leasing monopolist, many can not, because for small companies, the rupture of relations with state-owned companies could mean the end of business. “Rosagroleasing”, in his opinion, occupies an exceptional position in the market — in terms of public funds, which should not be returned, only the leasing company can offer the farmers the technique at 3.5%. In commercial banks, farmers are unlikely to get the loan cheaper 16%.

To resolve the situation, the co-owner of “Rostselmash” offers radically to reconsider system of provision of leasing of agricultural machinery distributing state funds among regional leasing companies. Or reimburse these costs to farmers for the subsidy program of agro-industrial enterprises.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “Belagro”, the largest dealer of agricultural machinery (working in four countries — Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), Andrei Milevich know about this conflict and believes that the most affected party in this farmers: they now have to purchase equipment or lower quality or higher prices. In this situation, Andrew Milevich surprised that the leasing company instead of supporting the domestic manufacturer began to acquire equipment from a representative of the Belarusian plant “Gomselmash” — “Bryanskselmash”.

According to one of participants of the market, “Rosagroleasing” abandoned equipment “Rostselmash” because, when discussion of the next procurement the parties do not agree on the conditions.

— Before the leasing company bought back a large amount of technique “Rostselmash” discounts, then resold it to farmers, and the discounts earned. That is actually “attracted” to his dealer functions. But the leasing company can’t maintain the equipment — she has no state, authority, qualification. In the end she has no spare parts. Accordingly, if a failure in the work — the farmer forced himself somehow to solve the problem. And lost in the image of the manufacturer, — said the interlocutor of “Izvestia”.

“Bryanskselmash” surprised information about the termination of “Rosagroleasing” with the “Rostselmash”. The factory confirmed that the “Bryanskselmash” this year’s increased supply of equipment “Rosagroleasing” three times.

Marketing Director at ZAO “Agrotechmash” Dmitry Frolov has informed “news” that “Rosagroleasing” for all 15 years, “is constructive.”

In the “Rosagroleasing” claim that the termination of deliveries of equipment “Rostselmash”. On the contrary, the company from year to year is expanding the cooperation with the Rostov plant. So, in less than 10 months of 2016, “Rosagroleasing” put on the terms of Federal leasing 1251 unit of agricultural production “Rostselmash” in the amount of 5.4 billion rubles, which is 20% more than for the whole of 2015, and 2.3 times more than for the whole of 2014.

— At the same time during peak demand for harvesting equipment have a combine plant were orders of “Rosagroleasing” for the supply of over 400 pieces, delivery time which was broken, — there were cases when the plant shipped equipment for 200 days after the deadline set by the contract, — noted in the “Rosagroleasing”.

In addition, according to the “Rosagroleasing”, the Rostov manufacturer not just “cheated” with the price of equipment. State law limits the growth of prices for the ordered products. And “Rostselmash” produces a new conditional model of technology in which, in fact, nothing has changed.

— There was, for example, Acros 580, and became Acros 585 (appeared inclined camera, increased hopper, upgraded seat combiner), and technical conditions are the same. But technically it is a new processor, and therefore the price can be set at 15% above — explained in the “Rosagroleasing”.

Despite this, the company continues cooperation with the “Rostselmash”: currently in the process of shipment to farmers is 27 units of agricultural machinery production “Rostselmash”. In addition, if in 2009 the partners of “Rosagroleasing” was 28 companies producing agricultural machinery and equipment, in 2016, the number had risen to 85.

In state-owned companies emphasize that the supply of agricultural machinery to farmers this year “faster”. According to the “Rosagroleasing” in 2016 have already been delivered to households 5714 pieces of equipment in the amount of 18.4 billion rubles, which is 40% higher than in the same period last year.