Rumor: Microsoft is considering the acquisition of EA, Valve and PUBG Corp

Rumor: Microsoft is considering the acquisition of EA, Valve and PUBG Corp


Unexpected information shared with the public reputable gaming portal Polygon. A reliable source close to Microsoft told reporters that the top leadership of the Redmond Corporation is seriously considering the possibility of acquiring companies EA, Valve and PUBG Corp. It sounds, to put it mildly, not very plausible. But in light of the fact that the head of the gaming division of Microsoft’s Phil Spencer not long ago reported that the company plans to invest huge funds in the acquisition of new studios — it may be that hearing this is close to reality.

The gaming console Xbox One is one serious drawback: the lack of AAA exclusives, which is famous for the PlayStation 4. This situation has developed due to the fact that Microsoft has an acute shortage of its own internal studios. Yes, there are series like Halo and Forza Motorsport, but some they can not eat. And the players are well aware, are increasingly making a choice in favor of the Sony console. And even the most powerful Xbox One X could not tip the scales in favor of Microsoft, only temporarily increasing sales of their consoles.

Redmond company has always been famous to those that have already acquired a fully formed Studio instead of having to open a new one from scratch. However, very few Microsoft bought the Studio survived until our days. To recall the legendary Lionhead, which shut down in 2016, or created a series of MechWarrior FASA Studio, which was liquidated in 2007. A list of purchased and “destroyed” Microsoft studios is quite long. However, there are positive examples. The same Mojang, behind Minecraft, brings to the Corporation a lot of money to this day.

It’s hard to say what will Microsoft’s acquisition of such giants of the gaming industry like Valve or EA. What can we say about the Studio PUBG Corporation, Bluehole, Inc. who created the blockbuster game Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG), which now spend their time tens of millions of players from hundreds of countries. Transactions of such level can pull a few billion dollars, but for Microsoft this is not a problem, because its assets today amount to about 200 billion and annual net profit exceeds $ 10 billion.