Russia and China do not agree with the us sanctions against firms...

Russia and China do not agree with the us sanctions against firms from these countries


Россия и Китай не согласны с американскими санкциями против фирм из этих стран

Chinese authorities urged Washington to “correct the error”

Official representatives of Russia and China expressed objections to sanctions imposed by the United States against several Russian and Chinese firms accused of supporting the DPRK’s nuclear programme.

Press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of China Hua Chunying, in particular, said that these sanctions do not contribute to China-us cooperation in curbing the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

Chunying said that the United States should “immediately rectify its mistake,” and called for caution and dialogue in regard to the resolution of the situation with the DPRK.

In parallel, the meeting in the headquarters of the United Nations, the Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia reiterated the position of his government, noting that these sanctions are “yet another unfriendly step by the United States” (reverse translation from English).

“We strongly condemn unilateral sanctions, not just those that are directed against us, but against anyone else,” – said Nebenzia.He also added that if Washington wants to impose sanctions against third parties, it should use established channels such as the UN Committee on sanctions against North Korea. United States, said Russian Ambassador to the UN, can submit to the Committee names of individuals and names of companies suspected of violation of the sanctions regime to be added to the sanctions list.

As an explanation of the Russian position, Vassily Nebenzia pointed out that such US actions do not contribute to “stabilization and improvement of Russian-American relations”.