Russia and Turkey have restored the trust flow

Russia and Turkey have restored the trust flow


After the talks the two leaders signed an agreement on construction of gas pipeline

Photo: TASS/press service of President of Russia/Alexei Druzhinin

For the first time after the start of the normalization process of Turkish-Russian relations Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Turkey. In Istanbul, he participated in the International energy Congress, met with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and held talks with head of the Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Russian leader rarely visits such industry forums. If the visit is being prepared, then we can expect important news. And so it happened. The President of Russia announced its readiness to reduce oil production for stabilization of the energy market and urged other exporting countries to do the same. Other news: Moscow and Ankara decided to implement the project of gas pipeline “Turkish stream”, which was recorded in the intergovernmental agreement.

Speaking at the forum, Vladimir Putin noted that the structure of the energy market will change, but the era of hydrocarbons is not over.

— In terms of falling oil prices more than twice as many said that the hydrocarbon era comes to a close, we must now completely shift to alternative energy sources. I think the real reason for such far-reaching conclusions yet. In any case, so far, he said.

The current long-term drop in oil prices, the President explained the overabundance of production: new technologies and the availability of investment has dramatically increased the scale of production.

Separately Vladimir Putin has referred to the sanctions policy, which does not allow some companies to invest in energy projects that is unprofitable first of all to those who, because of obligations as allies joined in the sanctions.

The proponents of such ideas do not really think about their allies, he said.

In conclusion, Vladimir Putin congratulated Turkey because the country was not allowed a coup.

The crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey came after the destruction of a Turkish fighter jet in Syria, the Russian bomber. Resuscitation of relations started after the letter of Erdogan to Putin in which he expressed regret in connection with the incident and apologized for the death of the pilot of the su-24. The heads of state spoke several times on the phone, and finally in early August, Erdogan arrived in Saint Petersburg, where he held a large-scale hours of negotiations. After this visit it became clear that the conflict is settled. Again, the heads of state met in China at the summit of “big twenty”. And here with a brief visit to Turkey, visited the President of Russia.

Major international event after the political crisis, of course, was used by the Turkish leadership to demonstrate internal stability and independent foreign policy. Chief guest — the President of Russia, he was sitting next to Erdogan. Also in the front row sat the leaders of Venezuela and Azerbaijan and the head of the partially recognized the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

After the opening of the Congress held a short meeting between Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro. What should have been Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro heard during the Russian leader’s speech, so he just thanked Vladimir Putin for his readiness to reduce the rate of oil production.

The talks between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan took place in the Yildiz Palace. Leaders pomirimsya countries talked for several hours, and then something happened, something was waiting so long for the signing of the agreement on the construction of “Turkish stream.”

In addition, according to the Turkish leader, the talks discussed economic and trade relations, tourism, cooperation in the defense sector. Not casually in the Russian delegation included the chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces Valery Gerasimov. Erdogan praised the talks as very effective. The sides discussed possible cooperation in Syria.

Vladimir Putin said that also discussed was the possible discounts on Russian gas for Turkey. Also partially lifts the embargo on food supplies from Turkey into Russia.

The Russian leader noted that Moscow and Ankara are in favor of peace in Syria, we need to move on to political dialogue, to organize stable supplies of humanitarian aid in Aleppo.

The Russian President added that military-technical cooperation is planned to fill various designs.