Russia argues that the West wanted to prevent terrorism

Russia argues that the West wanted to prevent terrorism


Россия утверждает, что страны Запада хотели помешать борьбе с терроризмом

The Pentagon does not podojil statements of the defense Ministry

The chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the defense Ministry Colonel-General Sergey rudskoy said Saturday that Syrian air defenses managed to shoot down a missile 71 of the coalition forces. During the RAID, according to him, none of the airport from government forces, was not injured.

Pentagon chief James Mattis said that in the currently available data the coalition has no losses in military equipment.

General rudskoy has informed that the defense forces deployed at the bases of the Russian Federation in Graeme and Tartous were able to identify all the air “purposes” issued by coalition forces. The General refrained from explaining why the military group of the Russian Federation did not participate in reflection attacks.

“A US strike on Syria has become reactions to the successes of the Syrian armed forces to combat international terrorism,” – said Colonel-General rudskoy.