Russia convened spezzacatena of the OSCE Permanent Council due to the death...

Russia convened spezzacatena of the OSCE Permanent Council due to the death of the Ambassador


Farewell ceremony with the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey Andrei Karlov in Ankara airport

Photo: AP Photo/Emrah Gurel

The murder of the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey

Putin ordered to strengthen the security of Russian institutions abroad
Yesterday, 19:22

In honor of the Ambassador of Russia called hall in the modern art Center, Ankara
Yesterday, 18:40

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Russia convened a special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in connection with the murder of the Turkish Ambassador Andrei Karlov. Russia urged the organization to adopt a Declaration condemning the “heinous, barbaric act of violence”

The Russian representative to the OSCE convened a special meeting of the Permanent Council for the assassination in Ankara, Ambassador Andrey Karlov, has informed “RIA Novosti” the head of the diplomatic mission Alexander Lukashevich.

“Russia convened a special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council. We suggested in connection with the tragic events in Ankara, which killed our Ambassador Andrei Gennadievich Karlov, to adopt a special document, the Declaration of condemnation of this heinous, barbaric act of violence,” said he to the Agency.

The diplomat also added that the Council adopted a statement “unanimously condemning the attack on the Russian Ambassador in Turkey.”

Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey died yesterday, December 19. He participated in the opening of the photo exhibition in the modern art Center in Ankara. During a speech diplomat, a former police officer mevlüt Altıntaş several times shot him. Then Altıntaş was destroyed by members of the Turkish security services.

Charles was taken to the hospital, but he died as a result of his injuries.

The Russian foreign Ministry has described the incident as a terrorist attack. The corresponding statement also took the UN Security Council. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has charged to introduce Charles to the government awards.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under part 3 of article 361 of the criminal code (an act of international terrorism that resulted in the infliction of death person). The special investigation team, which included security officers, the TFR and the Ministry of foreign Affairs, went to Turkey to investigate the circumstances of the incident.