Russia has accused the US of spreading unconfirmed reports about the chemical...

Russia has accused the US of spreading unconfirmed reports about the chemical attack in Syria


Россия обвинила США в распространении неподтвержденных сообщений о химатаке в Сирии

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated that the Washington opposes peace efforts of Moscow

A senior Russian diplomat accused the US of using unconfirmed reports of chemical attacks in Syria, to cast a shadow on the Russian peace initiative.

Next week Russia is pursuing peace talks on Syria in Sochi, which, according to some representatives of the Syrian opposition, inconsistent with the peace initiatives of the United Nations.

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview to news Agency “Interfax” on Wednesday said that the US is spreading falsified and unsubstantiated reports of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria to counter Russian peace efforts.

Ryabkov also noted, these statements, as well as the US refusal to cooperate with Russia to create mechanism for investigating chemical incidents in Syria are a continuation of the larger policy of “containment” carried out by the USA against Russia.

“All of this together and as the item separately is absolutely unacceptable for us. On that basis, we work with the US can not” – said Ryabkov.

“We urge the Americans to abandon their aspirations to impose its own will on us and members of the international community, even without delving into the essence of those proposals and ideas that we put forward,” added the Deputy Minister.

Ryabkov’s statement was made a day after U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Moscow is “ultimately responsible for the victim’s” new alleged chemical attack in the outskirts of Damascus.

For its part, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria rejected the accusations of the USA using chemical weapons, calling them “false”.