Russia has released an explosion proof cell phone

Russia has released an explosion proof cell phone


The fire is not lit

the company has developed a new gadget — explosion proof mobile phone
KTG-CT, resistant to high temperatures and equipped with a safe battery. The novelty has demonstrated on his website
the manufacturer “Goreltekh” from St. Petersburg. Judging by the technical
characteristics, the gadget can be operated at ambient temperatures from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius.

I assure you that due to impact-proof housing of fiberglass phone
withstands drops from a height of 1.65 m onto concrete and the vibration in the range up to 500 Hz.
“KTG-ST can be used directly at the production facility and is designed to operate in the most adverse industrial conditions,
indoors, outdoors, in explosive and fire hazardous areas, where required
resistant hardware for extended temperature ranges,” said
manufacturers. The phone comes with the usual leather case and spacejam
IP67 for storage and transport.

Nevskryvaemyh battery

display of the phone is 2.2 inches. Inside the gadget is equipped with slots for two SIM-cards
1MB of internal memory and a slot for micro-SD, up to 32GB, and camera
0.3 megapixel with a maximum resolution of 640×480. The phone works with Bluetooth 2.0, equipped with organizer, flashlight, voice recorder, radio and other standard feature set of budget “dialer”.

Explosion proof mobile phone CTG-ST