Russia is working on hypersonic passenger aircraft

Russia is working on hypersonic passenger aircraft


Despite the fact that modern aircraft allow us to travel great distances much faster than even, say, 50 years ago, on flights over long distances takes a lot of time. To solve this problem called hypersonic Airliners, one of which is developed by the national specialists of the Central hydrodynamic Institute (TSAGI).

About it in interview to the edition “Interfax” said General Director of TSAGI, academician of the RAS Sergey Chernyshev. In a speech at a lecture at the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) he stated the following:

“We are creating a supersonic business aircraft with an unsurpassed level of comfort, as well as a hypersonic passenger aircraft capable of transatlantic flight just two hours. Moreover, it is not all directions, on implementation of which are scientists of TSAGI in the moment.”

For the solution of quite ambitious goals, TSAGI plans to attract third-party specialists, spectrum of activity, which is wide enough. For the design of an aircraft will attract the best engineers, specialists in aerodynamics, strength of the case and test prototypes.

In the near future we hopefully will have to wait for more information about the aircraft, because, despite the huge number of developments in this area, none of the supersonic airliner, unfortunately, has not received mass distribution.