Russia-related Twitter accounts took advantage of the closure of the US government

Russia-related Twitter accounts took advantage of the closure of the US government


Связанные с Россией Твиттер-аккаунты воспользовались закрытием правительства США

Trolls and bots associated with the campaign of Moscow influence, continued to use hashtags to spread discontent in connection with the closing of state institutions

WASHINGTON – the U.S. Government on Tuesday returned to work in full, but Russia seems not to have abandoned attempts to benefit from almost three days of partial suspension of work of state institutions.

On Monday evening President Donald trump has signed a law on the financing of the government until February 8. However, the Twitter account associated with Russian operations to influence, continued to publish hashtags, which appear to be aimed at strengthening the political divisions in the United States.

As at 22:00 Monday East coast time USA the hashtag #schumershutdown (Samarovski shutdown) was used 535 times in the preceding 48 hours. Such data are the website of Hamilton 68, which tracks about 600 Twitter account.

However, the most trending was the hashtag #schumersellout (Sumer sold) – its use has jumped by 4,800 percent over the same period.

Both hashtags are the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer, who, in the end, made a compromise with Republican lawmakers, but previously refused to support any budget bill without agreement on protection against deportation of “dreamers” – undocumented immigrants brought to the United States in childhood.

Vice-President Mike Pence was one of those who used the hashtag #schumershutdown on Monday.

“Because of the strong position occupied by the President and the Republicans in the Senate and House of representatives, the shutdown comes to an end. Samarovski shutdown failed,” wrote Pence on Monday from Israel.

The son of a President trump, Donald trump Jr., also used this hashtag on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #schumersellout was first published in trends on Monday. As at 22:00 it was used in 19700 tweets.

Website Hamilton 68 clearly noticed that such hashtags as #schumershutdown and #schumersellout, often created associated with Russia accounts. Instead, they often take hashtags created by the Twitter users that are not necessarily connected with Russia, and trying to extend them to preserve the existing cleavages in society.

The site claims that other hashtags that actively move associated with Russia accounts include #releasethememo, #Please, #maga #Syria, #nodaca, #wethepeople and #Russia.

The hashtag #ReleasetheMemo (publish Memorandum), which is associated with Russia accounts used Sunday and Monday 480 times, has gained the most popularity in the Thursday and Friday of last week, when these accounts are used it over 3 thousand times.

He also won popularity among Twitter users, including some members of Congress. We are talking about the requirement for the house Committee on intelligence to publish a confidential report drawn up by its Chairman, Republican Devin Nunes.

Supporters of this requirement say that this report has shed light on the bias of the FBI and DOJ, who lead investigations into the possible links between campaign headquarters, trump and Russia.

Representatives of the US intelligence community and legislators of both parties warn that Russia continues to attempt to interfere in US policy on the eve of the midterm elections of 2018.

Moscow denies the charges against her accusations.