Russian cosmonauts will in future be able to fly to the ISS...

Russian cosmonauts will in future be able to fly to the ISS on the SpaceX ships


The first launch of manned version of the spacecraft Dragon V2, created by engineers of the company SpaceX, had previously been scheduled for November 2019. Naturally, for many the question was: how soon astronauts from different countries will be able to fly these ships to the International space station? Well, I guess now we know at least the opinion of the official representatives of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”.

“The cosmonauts of the Russian space Agency, as well as manned flights in General, on a space ship Dragon can only begin at the completion of flight tests of the us Shuttle, and after receiving the certification of NASA”, — said the representative of state Corporation “Roscosmos”.

At the present time the cosmonauts and astronauts flying to the International space station just for the rocket series “the Union” in Russia. Earlier this year NASA has published information that the Russian cosmonaut plan to include in the crew Dragon V2, which will go to the ISS in November 2019. On Board the ship along with the Russians have to fly three astronauts from the United States.

At the launch of the Dragon V2 spacecraft company SpaceX and the us government are doing a special rate. First, it will reduce the US dependence on Russia in terms of delivery of its astronauts to the space station, and secondly, it will increase the number of the crew of the International space station with six to seven people. Dragon V2’s first flight to the ISS was originally scheduled for April 2019, and if there is nothing to intervene in the plans of SpaceX, we will be able to witness another historic event for the company in a year.