Russian engineers published a picture of the new missile “Satan 2”

Russian engineers published a picture of the new missile “Satan 2”


The state rocket centre “KB it. of academician V. P. Makeeva”

Photo: Valery Bushukhin/TASS

The state rocket center named after academician V. P. Makeev has revealed the first image of the new Russian weapons — Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”, which received in the West the nickname “Satan 2”.

“In accordance with the RF Government Decree “On the state defence order for 2010 and the planning period 2012-2013” JSC “Makeyev grts” is mandated to initiate development of OCD “Sarmat”, — is spoken in the message on the center’s website.

The report States that the state contract for the performance of OCD “Sarmat” was signed in June 2011.

“Advanced rocket complex of strategic purpose (RXN), the Sarmat is being created to ensure and effective implementation of the tasks of strategic nuclear deterrence forces of Russia”, — explained in rocket center.


As reported by “RIA Novosti”, it is assumed that missile RS-28 “Sarmat” will replace the R-36m “Voevoda”, it is expected that in operation they will be introduced in 2018.

Bi-bi-si quotes the comment of a senior researcher of the British Royal United services Institute for defence studies Igor Sutyagin, which he gave to The Daily Telegraph. He expressed doubt that the published by the center Makeyev graphical information about “Satan 2” is accurate. “It looks like a fake. The details of the structure is incorrect. I doubt a real rocket is already in the metal,” — said in an interview with Sutyagin.

The Daily Mail called the rocket “the most serious warning to the West”. The newspaper published a map illustrating the “area of destruction” in the case of the missile launch, for the British Isles. It is assumed that in the case of attack of the missile in the affected area, you will get most of the UK and Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands.