Russian “Internet bots” supported the extreme right in the United States

Russian “Internet bots” supported the extreme right in the United States


Российские «интернет-боты» поддержали крайне правых в США

Driven from Moscow propaganda campaign increasingly interacts with the American ultra-right

After the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, when the clashes between supporters of far-right movements and their opponents, one person was killed and several dozen were injured, analysts in Washington said that controlled from Moscow “army” of users of social networks and the “Internet bots” have intensified.

The report, prepared by the expert of the Atlantic Council Ben Nimmo (Ben Nimmo), it is noted that, since the beginning of August of this year, hashtags associated with the event in Charlottesville, VA actively used by 600 users of the social network “Twitter”. In the past years, these users, according to experts, was used in the Russian propaganda campaign during the election campaign in the United States.

“The ultimate goal in this case is the promotion of content that provokes discord,” – said the head of Department of the analysis of information operations Intelligence at FireEye iSIGHT Lee foster (Lee Foster).

The report, prepared by the expert group of the Atlantic Council, in the example of “Twitter” certain Angie Dixon (Dixson Angee). The account was registered in the social network only on 8 August this year, but immediately drew attention to the unprecedented activity by posting at least 90 messages a day.

“Angie Dixon” acted in defense of President trump, who said that the events in Charlottesville “both sides are to blame”, criticized plans to demolish the monuments to the confederates and published the pictures, arguing that the violence used and the demonstrators who opposed ultra-nationalists.

As it was established analysts with the Atlantic Council, account “Angie” were fake, and the pictures of the “author” was used pictures of famous social networks of the German fashion models.

The report notes that while it is impossible with absolute certainty to prove what amount social media users who took part in active the discussion of the events in Charlottesville, was directly connected with Russia. However, analysts found that several hundred of them used the same URL that allows you to generate a large number of messages, and also used identical hashtags – “antifa” and “alt-left” (alternative left). This term, incidentally, used and President trump, who accused the demonstrators of using violence against right-wing demonstrators.

In addition, all noted researchers, users of social networks actively spread the message of Russian state agencies RT and Sputnik.

“The same network that participated in the election campaign (2016), after Charlottsville made with the support of the far right – says one of the authors of the report Jay Berger. – One of the main topics, which they distributed, was the assertion of the “culpability of both sides” and that the counter-demonstrators were paid for by George Soros”.

In many cases, users of social networks actively spread the messages that resonate through American right-wing.

In recent weeks, for example, hundreds of accounts on Twitter and other social networks simultaneously published identical to the critical comments addressed to the adviser of the President of trump issues of national security Herbert McMaster.

This campaign, under the hashtag #FireMcMaster (Fire MacMaster), launched by the conservative publication Breitbart, was picked up automatically managed accounts in Twitter account. Most of these “bots”, according to authors of the Hamilton project 68, which monitors the Russian campaign of misinformation is somehow connected with Moscow.

“The long-term goal of the Russian program of active measures is to spread chaos and disunity within the American establishment” – said the former FBI agent and expert on cyber security Clint watts, who created the website Hamilton 68.