“Russian investigation” again in the spotlight

“Russian investigation” again in the spotlight


«Российское расследование» снова в центре внимания

President trump said that due to the findings of Mueller spectacular it’s justified, but Democrats disagree

The investigation of Russia’s actions was again the center of attention in Washington after spectacular Robert Mueller accused the 13 of the Russians in the organization of a massive campaign of trolling in social networks to help Republican Donald Trump to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in 2016. President trump posted a series of tweets in which he said that the investigation was completely acquitted him, but the Democrats and others, strongly disagrees.

The charges brought by the Ministry of justice gave legal weight to the numerous statements about the actions of the Russians in the run-up to the 2016 election, during elections and after), which were expressed by congressional committees, as well as the American intelligence community.

“The defendants are accused that they waged an information war against US, as they called it, with a stated goal of spreading distrust to the candidates and the political system as a whole”, – stressed the Deputy head of the Ministry of justice Race, Rosenstein.

President trump took advantage of the situation, interpreted the accusations as a pretext to terminate the investigation on the possible collusion on the part of some members of his staff.

He wrote: “If Russia’s goal was to sow discord, destabilization and chaos in the USA, given all these congressional hearings, investigations and inter-party hatred, their success exceeded their wildest dreams. They injure their stomachs from laughter in Moscow. Wise Up, America!”

“There are two groups that produced more chaos than the Russian, – said the Deputy press Secretary of the White house Hogan Gigli. – That Democrats and the mainstream media”.

Trump also laid the blame on his predecessor, saying that Obama “was President, knew about the threat and did nothing” and that “fiction was the fact that the pre-election headquarters of the trump colluded with Russia, which he never did!”

Democrats strongly objected

“From the fact that in this indictment there is no mention of collusion or conscious participation of the Americans, does not mean that this will not be the next indictment,” – emphasizes Senator Richard Blumenthal. .

“The work of Bob Mueller is to find which laws were broken and who needs the result to go to jail,” said Congressman Adam Schiff. – The strap should not be so low that all it is normal, if not thrown in jail.

The investigation, led by Muller, far from finished, and Democrats argue that many of the issues that may have important legal consequences have yet to receive a response.

“If the situation when Russian had a campaign headquarters assistance in kind, in violation of any laws on financing of campaigns? He violated the laws prohibiting foreign intervention in our elections? Engage with them in a conspiracy of American actors? Whether the investigation of false statements to law enforcement?” – ask these questions Adam Schiff.

However, the indictments do not seem to impress the Russian authorities. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov called them “chatter”.