Russian schoolboy has created “sonic eyes” that will help blind people

Russian schoolboy has created “sonic eyes” that will help blind people


Many people with great skepticism belong to different circles and sections that develop the talents of the child, but in vain! After all, many great inventions have grown out of ideas of very young people. Recently, the 9th grader Dmitry Kalimullin, which is in the circle of physics, Kazan Physical University (KFU), created the “ultrasound of the eye” — the invention, which can be very useful for visually impaired people now.

As reports a press-service of KFU, the new device is attached to the head and something similar in appearance to the headlamp. Inside the device is an ultrasonic rangefinder that emits pulses in the direction of view of the person. The maximum range of the ultrasonic view is 2 meters.

The inventor Dmitry Kalimullin with his invention

Once in the region of 2 meters an obstacle appears – the device starts to vibrate, and the closer is the obstacle the more the device vibrates. In this “ultrasound of the eye” can tell us not only about the objects located in the front, but also from above and below. As stated by Dmitry,

“There are ultrasonic canes and lights for blind people, but they do not detect obstacles located at the level of the chest and head. Tilting and rotating head, you can explore the surrounding area. In addition, our device will be much cheaper ultrasonic cane and lantern. If you wish, on top of the “sonic eye” you can wear a light hat or cap that will not affect his work.”