Russian scientists have created a device for remote diagnostics of heart diseases

Russian scientists have created a device for remote diagnostics of heart diseases


The development of means of prevention and early diagnosis of diseases is often more important than the development of methods of treatment, because the earlier the disease is detected — the easier it will be to cure him. For example, recently, scientists from the National research Nizhny Novgorod University. N. I. Lobachevsky (UNN) has developed a system that enables one to identify all possible irregularities in the heart. And you do not even need to visit the hospital.

Development is underway in the framework of the project “Cybersense”. The complex consists of several components: equipment for medical institutions and the number of centres receiving signals, and a miniature device that fits easily in the palm of an adult. To fix the indicators the device is attached to the skin in the chest area, and the process does not require any special skills. At least they need not more than when using a conventional sphygmomanometer. As stated vascular surgery of city hospital №5 of Nizhny Novgorod and one of the developers of the complex, Alexander Nikolsky,

“Hardware-software complex “Cybersense” is intended for creation of automated telemedicine network. While we are working in the framework of the Nizhny Novgorod region, and our task is to create a system of remote cardiac monitoring and round-the-clock service that could assess the condition of the cardiovascular system of residents of the area. The main target audience of our complex — ordinary citizens, that is, we plan a range of household appliances, which allow without any special medical training to shoot and automatically transfer remotely over any distance via a mobile communication the electrocardiogram and a report on its outcome.”

On the device there are three LEDs — green, yellow and red. When green is nothing to worry about, yellow indicates that it is better to contact the doctor, but when the red — it’s time to call an ambulance.

“Kardioregistrator will be made in different trim levels: for medical institutions and for private use. He removes the ECG transmits the data to the center, where it is automatically decrypted, and the final result is transmitted to the user’s smartphone”.

The cost of the device should be about 3000 rubles. The market launch is scheduled for 2019. After the “Cybersense” Nizhny Novgorod experts have planned to develop the systems “Brains” and “Cyberecoles”.

Based on the TASS