Russian scientists have created an artificial kidney new type

Russian scientists have created an artificial kidney new type


There are diseases that require a transplant immediately because of the huge health hazards, but often people like this need to wait for several months or even years. And then come to the aid of treatments. For example, if the kidney damage, when they are unable to function, resort to hemodialysis. This is a very complex procedure, which attracts man to a hospital bed. But scientists from Russia recently managed to create and test the apparatus with the function of artificial kidney that is portable and can be carry.

As reported by RIA “Novosti”, a group of scientists from the Moscow Institute of electronic technology (MIET) managed to develop a machine that requires changing the cleaning solution blood no more than twice a day. The fact that at the moment there are 2 methods of blood purification: the above-mentioned hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In the first case, the blood is purified outside of the human body in specialized centers. In peritoneal dialysis this is done with a special solution, which is placed into the abdominal cavity of the patient. To change the solution a few times a day. In our country the more common first option, which is extremely inconvenient for patients. As the press service of the University,

“The device created in MIET, it is possible to carry, and it holds the blood purification method of peritoneal dialysis with a permanent dialysis fluid regeneration solution, which will reduce the need for replacement fluid to the one or two times a day. We have already conducted a successful test of the test sample of the apparatus in the laboratory and in animal model”.

Their achievements, the researchers plan to demonstrate in December of the current year in the framework of the exhibition “Souzpromexpo-2017”. There are new details about the device. It should be noted that this is not the first artificial organ developed in the walls of MIET. Previously, experts have created “artificial heart”, which is designed for patients with severe heart failure.

Based on materials of RIA “news”