Russian scientists have developed a high-frequency “gun” for cancer treatment

Russian scientists have developed a high-frequency “gun” for cancer treatment


Development of new methods for the treatment of cancer is an extremely important area of modern medicine. The problem with any existing treatments is that they all, in addition to the destruction of tumors, and kill a large number of healthy cells and tissues. But researchers from the Novosibirsk Institute of nuclear physics. G. I. Budker created high frequency “gun” for the treatment of cancer, which has significantly less harm to the human body, while maintaining effectiveness against cancer cells.

Work on the creation of a new method of therapy carried out in the framework of the project “Development and use of sources of electromagnetic radiation on the basis of relativistic electron beams”, and the main challenge is to get the required electron beam parameters with small sizes and small velocity dispersion. As head of research laboratory of Institute of nuclear physics, Nikolay Vinokurov

“We are now doing and bring a completely new electron gun — high-frequency electron gun, which will allow to increase the radiation power on our installation literally on the order, it is certainly a big jump. Currently, a diagnostic instrument to check the parameters of the electron beam are improved systems that transporterowych electrons from the source to the place where they are used for the generation of radiation”.

In 2017, the efficiency of the new method was effectively tested on animals. It examined how the body responds to the action of therapeutic doses of radiation.

“If x-ray irradiation to do with the “mesh” of small x-ray beams, the efficiency is increasing: harmful cells are destroyed, but beneficial affected much less. The electron beam in a free electron laser is used to generate x-ray, terahertz radiation, developed a method of treating cancerous tumors with micropackage x-ray therapy.”

Based on materials “Interfax-Siberia”