Russian scientists reported that when AI replace humans

Russian scientists reported that when AI replace humans


Watching the development of modern samebecause systems based on artificial intelligence unwittingly come to believe that sooner or later robots will be able to replace humans on some posts. However, according to Russian scientists, it can happen much sooner than we think.

According to the Deputy Director General and head of information studies of the Foundation for advanced studies Sergey Garbuk, a scenario in which artificial intelligence system will be able to replace humans will be implemented over the next 10-15 years. We are talking about the position of the operator for data processing and similar positions. As said Sergei in an interview with RIA Novosti,

“Solving problems and development of applied artificial intelligence, we are talking primarily about the replacement of a technical system the human operator that enables the processing of information using their natural abilities formed in the process of evolution and continues to develop throughout life.”

The expert also noted that much depends on the nature of the tasks. For example, today there are systems that are not inferior to man in many ways. The AI already knows the person speaking, body image and so on.

“Today the human brain has distinct advantages artificial intelligence. Before the training a person has the ability, formed the evolutionary and inherited. This intellectual experience that enables a person to learn faster, but, soon, artificial intelligence will catch up with us in this.”