Samsung asks owners Note 7 to stop using them

Samsung asks owners Note 7 to stop using them


Samsung acknowledged that any smartphone Galaxy Note 7 could be dangerous: the company has asked the owners of vehicles to stop to use them until the end of the investigation of new cases of ignition. Also suspended sales of the device worldwide.

Global official website Samsung the night of October 11 was published the following statement:

“We are working with the relevant regulatory bodies in order to investigate recent reports concerning the Galaxy Note 7. Because user safety is a top priority for us, Samsung has asked all mobile operators and retail partners around the world to stop the sale and exchange Galaxy Note 7 during the investigation.

We remain committed to good cooperation with the relevant authorities to undertake all necessary steps to resolve the situation steps. Consumers owning a Galaxy Note 7 of the original party, or Galaxy Note 7 issued instead of it, you should turn off the machine, stop its use and take advantage of the proposed alternatives.”

Samsung started selling the Galaxy Note 7 in August and in early September announced a recall of 2.5 million of these devices worldwide is due to a manufacturing defect in some vehicles they could catch fire during battery charging.

Smartphones of the new, “safe” parties began to give buyers in return withdrawn at the end of September. Last week in the USA there have been several incidents, which are not connected to a charger Galaxy Note 7 suddenly started to dramatically heat up and burn with the release of acrid smoke. Another incident of this kind was reported by the press in Taiwan.

After that, the leading cellular operators in the United States announced the suspension of exchange programs “old” Note 7 to “new” and their sales. Any smartphone owner from new parties can come into a salon, where I got it and exchanged for other equivalent mobile – for example, iPhone 7 Plus, another Samsung (the Korean company will encourage such consumers a voucher for $ 25), or simply to get back the money paid.

On the eve of the South Korean media reportedthat Samsung has halted production of the Galaxy Note 7 is intended for the global market at its plant in Vietnam.

Only the original recall program Note 7 could do Samsung, according to experts, 2 billion. However, the company last week announced that it expects third-quarter operating profit of 7.8 trillion won (about $ 7 billion), which was 0.4 trillion won more than in the same period a year earlier.

A new scandal has affected the stock price of the Korean giant: paper Samsung Electronics on Tuesday, after the publication of the above statement, fell 6%. However, the company’s value continues to be higher than the previous peak reached in 2013.

Source: Samsung