Santa Claus asked about impeachment trump

Santa Claus asked about impeachment trump


Санта-Клауса попросили об импичменте Трампа

Many Americans these days have holiday mood, but political activists opposed to Donald trump, do not leave attempts to announce their demands. In new York last night, protesters turned to Santa Claus asking to give them for Christmas… the impeachment of the President!

“The impeachment of the 45 th President” – with this requirement, the demonstrators went to a hotel owned by Donald Trump in new York. To date, the chances of impeachment trump small, and can be, therefore, political activists in these pre-Christmas days are pinning their hopes on Santa Claus.

One of the protesters, Harris, says: “For me the best Christmas present would be the expulsion of trump and his criminal administration from the White house. It’s crazy what he has done to our country. Strikingly, we allowed them to do and what happens: they steal from the poor and give to the rich. It’s like Robin hood in reverse. We need to take our country back! We can’t take this anymore! And we will not!”

Many new Yorkers immediately after the election, trump said: “he’s not my President”, and since then almost every week out on the demonstration: in defense of the environment, for women’s rights, against anti-immigrant rhetoric trump and the construction of the wall on the Mexican border, against the endless wars against repeal Obama’s health care reform and only that approved by the Republicans in Congress tax reform.

“This terrible tax reform will only make richer those who have already money to burn – says a resident of new York Jay Walker. – This law will increase corporate profits, but will not lead to the creation of jobs and not help the economy. The only thing they have achieved is to make the rich richer”.

Today, these demonstrators beat drums and claim that after one year America did not become great, as promised by trump, but on the contrary, only became worse.

Man in costume of Santa Claus says: “Our democracy is under threat from the most incompetent President in history.” This “Santa Claus” is clearly not going to deliver gifts to Donald Trump, but if he can give the impeachment of those who require? This question Santa answers evasively, noting only that the current President himself does a lot for his impeachment. “Our country,” he adds, ” was unrecognizable, as if we have more no one cares about people. And this is not what Americans voted for, not what they want. So he deserves to be smoked out of the White house.”

Activists are already preparing new protests next year. The mass will be dedicated to the anniversary of the inauguration of the trump.

Appeal to Santa Claus was perhaps the culmination of the protest held in new York, but activists argue that today’s demonstration was probably not the last this year. Although Donald trump promises not to fire special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the activists say that if that happens, they take to the streets in four hundred cities in America through a few hours after it happens.

  • Санта-Клауса попросили об импичменте Трампа

    Michael Gutkin