Sberbank and the Federal Antimonopoly service began testing blockchain

Sberbank and the Federal Antimonopoly service began testing blockchain


The Federal Antimonopoly Service jointly with the savings Bank began testing the technology of distributed registries — on Saturday said the first Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Lev Khasis. According to him, Sberbank is developing several projects in the field of blockchain technology and studying its application.

“Recently we did a project in the field of blockchain on interaction with the Federal Antimonopoly service have a pilot run and tested”, — quotes the Chairman of the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Khasis said that the blockchain technology is certainly promising, but massively implement it yet never obtained. All because of a number of different issues. For example, is the unsolved problem of low speed of interaction between members of the network blockchain.

“I recently talked with one of the world’s luminaries in the field of blockchain, he believes that technology will become more attractive in terms of price and quality compared to traditional, only within two or three years,” he added.

Experts believe that the use of blockchain technologies will help significantly reduce the cost of banks, so one or two pilot projects in this area, Sberbank is clearly not limited.

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