Sberbank has launched a laboratory for the study of the blockchain

Sberbank has launched a laboratory for the study of the blockchain


Sberbank was founded blockchain laboratory which will help in the study of the latest technology of the blockchain and make it possible to implement various solutions on its basis, reports ForkLog with reference to the representatives of the Bank.

In the opinion of management of the savings Bank, the blockchain-the laboratory will be able to cooperate with other laboratories of the Bank and provide its own design for individuals and businesses. One of the main tasks of the laboratory is to promote blockchain and preparation of educational programmes devoted to this subject.

“The blockchain may significantly change many areas of the business relating to the financial market, to the classic activities of the Bank and our customers. Development, development and implementation of the most promising technologies is not only an important element of our competitiveness as a Bank, but also a mandatory part of our future as a technology company”, — quotes ForkLog senior Vice President of Sberbank, head of Sberbank CIB Igor Bulantsev.

Now Sberbank has more than twenty pilot projects, technology-based young blocka. One of them is used in practice, the solution to “M. Video”, FAS and others.

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