Scientists from Moscow state University developed and tested a “quantum telephone”

Scientists from Moscow state University developed and tested a “quantum telephone”


Personal data protection in our days is carried out in a variety of ways. This question is particularly relevant in light of the fact that any information of a personal nature, as a rule, someone is interested in and, if you have technical skill, listen to a telephone conversation or steal the data from someone else’s computer to experts no difficulty. Researchers from Moscow state University offered its own solution to the problem. They have created a unique quantum telephone, precluding the possibility of wiretapping.

This phone is organized as follows. The encrypted signal is transmitted through traditional channel, but the encryption keys are transmitted through a secure quantum communication with a special server key distribution. Experts say that the main vulnerability of any encrypted data transmission system is to intercept the key during its transfer between clients. Quantum communication solves this issue, making interception of the key is impossible.

When keys between clients they are encoded in the quantum States of photons. In the case that attackers will try to count these States, the data here will change that will make the key unusable for decrypting the signal. Secretly spy the key transmitted on the quantum channel, is simply impossible. Customers immediately realize that someone is trying to listen, noticing modifications in the photons. We have this method of data transfer and weaknesses. The speed of transmission of a quantum signal is extremely small and the transmission distance, as a rule, not exceed 100 kilometers.

A year earlier, the Russian physicists have already launched the country’s first line of quantum communication with a length of over 30 kilometers. But leaders in this field at present are the Chinese. Scientists from China managed to launch the world’s first satellite quantum communication, as we have already told you on pages of our site. This companion set a record by passing the photons to a distance of more than 1200 kilometers. Russian scientists plan to continue working in this direction, in the belief that one day their development will make the data transfer quite safe.