Scientists have created detailed dynamic maps of the magnetic field of the...

Scientists have created detailed dynamic maps of the magnetic field of the oceans and earth’s crust


Experts from the European space Agency on the basis of data collected from satellites of the Swarm mission, created a detailed dynamic map of the perturbations of Earth’s magnetic field caused by ocean currents. In addition, the scientists also managed to create the most accurate to date map of the distribution of the magnetic field of the earth’s crust. The findings were presented at the annual conference of the European Union of Earth Sciences.

In 2013 ESA launched Swarm program. In the framework of three satellites, located in orbits close to each other, study the Earth’s magnetic field, its dynamics, and examine the mechanisms of its formations and possible causes of its anomalies and disturbances. One of the main objectives of the program is the measurement of magnetic field perturbations due to the influence of ocean currents and fields in the earth’s crust.

Scientists were able to measure the wave magnetic field generated at the surface of the ocean. As it turned out, the source of these waves is the interaction flows of salty ocean water with the Earth’s magnetic field, which causes electric current. He, in turn, causes a perturbation of the external magnetic field.

Researchers report that to obtain the full three-dimensional picture of magnetic field fluctuations in the ocean, arising from ocean currents, they were able for the first time. Scientists say that the vibrations are very sensitive to the processes of absorption and transfer of heat, so such studies can help in the same framework of observations of global climate change.

In addition to the dynamic maps of the magnetic field on the surface of the ocean, scientists presented the most accurate and detailed map of the magnetic field, forming the earth’s crust. It was created based on four studies carried out by satellites, as well as on the results of earlier studies in the framework of the German mission CHAMP and studies with sea and air observation.

According to scientists, the resolution of the resulting maps was 250 miles, and if for many areas on the planet are available and more detailed data to map the lithospheric magnetic field with such precision managed for the first time.

Measurement of the magnetic field of the Earth’s lithosphere

According to geologists, this detailed distribution map of magnetic disturbances in the Earth’s lithosphere can be an important source about the historical dynamics of the magnetic field of the Earth, tectonic movement and processes occurring in the mantle.

By the way, the study of magnetic disturbances of the earth’s crust is not the only source of information about changes that have occurred with the Earth’s magnetic field in the past. For example, recently we talked about how to recreate a map of the distribution of the magnetic field at the Earth helped the data about the ancient ritual, held about 1,000 years ago by tribes living at this time in southern Africa.