Scientists have found a way to remove the body of senescent cells

Scientists have found a way to remove the body of senescent cells


Aging is an inevitable consequence of our existence. However, since time immemorial, mankind has sought to overcome this process (and ideally, and even immortality). To the ideal we have not yet reached, but to increase life expectancy by one third may with the opening of their US scientists.

A group of researchers from the National Institute of aging in Bethesda have developed a drug that displays the body’s aging cells. It was found out in the course of medicines called sinaitici. This is experimental drugs that are needed to initiate the death of old cells.

“The old cells tend to accumulate in the body, resulting in a growing number of age-related diseases, and this, in turn, causes the death of new cells and contributes to the aging process.”

In a series of experiments, 2 of the drug quercetin and dasatinib gave a group of laboratory animals. It turned out that these drugs together and otdelnosti increase life expectancy by an average of 30%. In addition, mice have been documented to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and strengthen bone tissue. Periodic introduction of quercetin and dasatinib slowed down the development of osteoporosis.

Now researchers are focused on a deeper study of the metabolism of the above drugs, however, we can already say that in the near future to wait for a “pill of old age” is not necessary, as quercetin and dasatinib have a lot of very unpleasant side effects, so scientists have a very difficult task to get rid of side effects while retaining the properties that allow you to fight aging.