Search engine “Sputnik” has received 260 million rubles for the development

Search engine “Sputnik” has received 260 million rubles for the development


Recognized unprofitable domestic search engine “Sputnik” back in the summer was on the verge of closing. On its further fate of the representatives of “Rostelecom” which the searcher belongs, refused to speak, pointing to the end of the year when, in the opinion of management, was to decide his fate. And now, it seems, she decided. The search engine refused to close, and instead has allocated 260 million on its development.

In the terms of reference refers to the need to develop on the basis of “Satellite” news aggregator, add the card and prepare it to work correctly with operating systems from the registry of domestic software. In addition, it is necessary to improve the quality of keyword search and “teach” the search engine to analyze the stream of requests. Currently testing two new tools — “corporate satellite” and “enterprise search”. Work should be completed by December 15.

Search engine and browser “Sputnik” was launched by Rostelecom in 2014, but the ambitious project of “national search engine” had failed by mid — 2017 “Satellite” did not become popular. As of December 2017 for the day from “Sputnik” was made of 330 referrals, as with “Yandex” 63.2 million hits, and with Google — 50.4 million transitions.

In early summer, Sputnik planned to close or reorient, but apparently the project has decided to give a second chance, extending its functionality and optimizing the cost of its maintenance.