Senate Committee: voting on the candidacy of the head of the CIA

Senate Committee: voting on the candidacy of the head of the CIA


Сенатский комитет: голосование по кандидатуре главы ЦРУ

On the eve of voting the Genie Haspel acknowledged that the CIA should not have to use tough interrogation methods

On Wednesday the Senate intelligence Committee vote on the nomination of Gina haspel was nominated by President trump to head the CIA.

Currently Haspel is acting Director of the Agency.

Recall that the candidate has Haspel causes heated debate in connection with its role in the application of the techniques of the hard methods of investigation used by the CIA against suspects of terrorism after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The other day Gina Haspel said that this Department should not have to enact this program.

This statement was made in a letter Haspel sent on Monday, Senator from Virginia Mark Warner. Warner is the ranking Democrat of the Senate intelligence Committee, and Haspel tried to enlist his support ahead of a vote on her candidacy.

This program was introduced under President George W. Bush and was allowed to use simulated drowning and other hard techniques of investigation.

In the letter addressed to Warner, Gina Haspel stressed that this program is not one that the CIA should be applied.

Recall that during last week’s hearings on her nomination was Haspel not made public statements of this kind.