Senators discuss national security strategy

Senators discuss national security strategy


Сенаторы обсуждают стратегию национальной безопасности

In the hearings held by the Committee on Affairs of armed forces, involved Henry Kissinger, George Schultz and Richard Armitage

The Senate Committee on armed forces Thursday conducted a hearing on global challenges and strategies for national security, according to us media.

In hearings attended by former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger (now head of the consulting company Kissinger Associates), former Secretary of state George Shultz (today –research fellow of the Hoover institution) and former Deputy Secretary of state Richard Armitage (currently the company’s President, Armitage International).

Kissinger, published in the eve of the hearings, the statement noted the unprecedented nature of the current international situation, stressing that the crises in different countries of the world are not isolated incidents but systematic. He also noted a trend towards the erosion of the international system instead of its consolidation.

“The lack of a common vision among the major powers are broad enough and able to embrace divergent perspectives of our national interests, in part because of the difference in our historical experience, going back to the traditional model of rivalry between the great powers,” – he said.

Recently, the U.S. air force for the first time in more than three years are sent to Afghanistan fighters A-10 Thunderbolt to provide fire support from the air, American and Afghan troops, which is another sign of intensified military operations and increased US involvement in the fight against the Taliban after more than 16 years after the September 11 attacks.