Senators endorsed the conclusions of the intelligence agencies about Russian intervention in...

Senators endorsed the conclusions of the intelligence agencies about Russian intervention in elections


Сенаторы поддержали выводы спецслужб о вмешательстве РФ в выборы

Committee on intelligence of the Senate, said that Moscow was trying to help Donald Trump

The leaders of the Senate intelligence Committee has officially stated that he fully agrees with the conclusions of the U.S. intelligence community that the Russian authorities organized a campaign of interference in the election campaign of 2016 in order to help Donald Trump to win the election.

“We have no reason not to trust these conclusions,” said Committee head Senator Richard Burr.

In the framework of its own investigations about the Russian intervention, members of the Committee within a few months of checking the facts stated in the report of the intelligence services, released in January 2017. According to the conclusions of analysts of the intelligence community, organizing campaign intervention, Moscow had several purposes: to undermine the credibility of American democracy, damage the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and assisting Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, members of the Senate Committee held a private meeting with the former leaders of the American intelligence services – the former head of NSA Mike Rogers, the former head of the CIA John Brennan and former Director of National intelligence James Clapper. Ex-FBI Director James Comey also received the invitation, but refused to meet with senators.

The Deputy head of the Committee Democrat mark Warner refused to disclose details of the meeting, but said that the former heads of intelligence services of the United States is completely convinced the senators of the correctness of their estimates.

“After a careful study (facts), our staff came to the conclusion that the findings (intelligence community) was accurate and balanced, said Senator Warner. – Russian operation was large-scale, complex, and organized by the personal order of President Putin in order to help Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton.”

The position taken by senators, contradicts a recent statement by the Republicans in the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives. The statement of this Committee it was argued that Russia is not trying to help Donald Trump to win the election.