Shaped history

Shaped history


How to change the school uniform in Russia and how to relate to her today in different countries of the world — infographics “News”

Domestic producers appealed to a specialized organization with a request to establish a voluntary standard school uniform. Over the last few years, this is not the first attempt to introduce a similar standard, but none of them are still not successful. Although the history of school uniforms in Russia nearly 300 years.

For the first time, a unified uniform for students was introduced in the Russian Empire in 1834. Wearing remained binding and in the Soviet years, despite the fact that the appearance has changed several times. Shortly after perestroika, the wearing of uniforms for school children was canceled, but in 2016 in the Russian Federation entered into force the Federal law under which the decision to impose shape and form it is at the discretion of the school. However, students may opt out of wearing, and it will not be the reason for their exclusion.

The idea to standardize school clothes there are a sufficient number of both supporters and opponents. First consider that it is able to increase the cohesion of the students and to limit competition between them on the principle of “meet on clothes”, the second is that it restricts the freedom of expression of children and their parents represents an additional financial burden, especially when it comes to low-income families.

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