Shareholder “Olmert” has achieved arrest of property of another owner of the...

Shareholder “Olmert” has achieved arrest of property of another owner of the company


Shareholder of the company Ulmart, Dmitry Kostygin

Photo: Simon Katz for RBC

The claim of the shareholder of the company “Yulmart” Dmitry Kosygina seized property on 555,3 million RUB another shareholder, Michael Vasinkevich, write “Vedomosti”. The reason for the claim Kosygina associated with the credit agreement of the retailer and Gazprombank

Bailiffs arrested property on 555,3 million rubles shareholder major online retailer “Yulmart” Michael Vasinkevich on the claim of another shareholder of the company — Dmitry Kosygina, “Vedomosti”reports , citing court documents.

Press-service of management of Federal bailiff service in St. Petersburg confirmed that enforcement proceedings by writ of execution issued by Dzerzhinsky district court, and the arrest of the property of Vasinkevich on 555,3 million rubles.

The reason was the lawsuit from Kosygina submitted to the Dzerzhinsky district court of St. Petersburg on 20 October. On the court’s website has information about this lawsuit.

The claim arises from a loan agreement “Olmert” and Gazprombank from 2014, according to the desired application. Under this agreement the Bank may provide up to RUB 1 billion online retailer until spring of next year on working capital and repayment of current debts “Olmert” on loans.

According to Kosygina, they, along with Vasinkevich were guarantors for this loan to Gazprombank. In anticipation of the fourth quarter came the repayment of the loan, the money was debited from Kosygina, he said. “I went to Vasinkevich asking in this process to participate, he did not answer me, and I was forced to go to court,” said shareholder “Olmert”. The amount of the recovery which with a business partner, he asked, coincides with the amount by which arrested, said Costigan.

In turn Vasylkevych was told Vedomosti through a representative that “Hardware” and he could pay with Gazprombank, its accounts were funds. In the opinion of the shareholder, Costigan, being one of the guarantors for the loan, “probably intentionally paid the debt from his personal account, thereby having the right to claim the funds with the other four guarantors on the loan — I, LLC “Yulmart PZK, OOO Yulmart RSK, OOO Yulmart development”. So “Costigan first gave the company to pay to the Bank from their accounts”, and then sued it, says Vasylkevych.

Costigan says that the proposal to extend Gazprombank loan guarantee Vasylkevych refused. The company, he said, could not pay the required amount. “I was not against the cancellation of the funds from my Deposit to support the company,” insists Costigan. The representative of Gazprombank did not respond to a request.

In early March of this year, “Kommersant” wrote that the founder of “Olmert” Alexey Nikitin sells 20% stake in the parent company Ulmart Holding. One of the sources said that the package will become the property of the project partner Michael Vasinkevich.

In September, two sources of RNS reported that Nikitin and Vasylkevych filed a lawsuit in the international court of arbitration of London against partners, the majority shareholders Kosygina and Meyer. Nikitin and Vasylkevych demanded to oblige the partners to redeem their shares in the company at a certain price, which the defendants seemed overpriced. In October, however, Costigan, Meyer and Vasylkevych jointly stated that they intend to cooperate.

According to Vasinkevich, Costigan, perhaps deliberately creates a negative image of “Olmert” as companies mired in debt, legal proceedings and corporate conflicts to divert from the “Olmert” potential investors. He notes that negotiated the purchase of its stake in the company with a major investment Fund, but the actions Kosygina has led to the fact that they withdrew the proposal.