Sheriff Israel: “school police today armed with rifles”

Sheriff Israel: “school police today armed with rifles”


Шериф Израэл: «школьные полицейские с сегодняшнего дня вооружены винтовками»

The chief of police of the district where the Parkland that enhances the security of educational institutions

While President trump met at the White house with students who are fortunate enough to survive during a shooting in the school. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, the Sheriff of Florida’s Broward County, where the school made an important statement.

As reported by the local television affiliates of CBS and NBC, Sheriff Scott Israel (Scott Israel) ordered from today, police on duty in the schools were armed not only with pistols but semi-automatic rifles.

On the question of the reporters about where the weapons would be stored, Sheriff Israel said that the Ministers of the order will have the rifle with him. “The only place where they can remove the rifle from the shoulder, said Sheriff, it will be a patrol car. In it, they will close the arms of the castle, unless we equip them with special safes”.

“Everything will be done in compliance with all security measures. added Scott Israel, Only specially trained police officers will be armed with rifles. We should be able to remove any threat on the territory of educational institutions”.

At the same time, a question was raised about full-time security officer by the name of Peterson, who at the time of the shooting were in the school building.

“Officer Peterson was on site. – CBS leads the Agency the words of the Sheriff – He was armed. As soon as our staff are investigating the matter, they will study, what were the steps of Peterson”.

In conclusion, Sheriff Scott Israel said American school is a “vulnerable target” that must be “strengthened”. It is unclear whether this statement and the higher education institutions.