Shooting in California: five dead

Shooting in California: five dead


Стрельба в Калифорнии: пятеро погибших

At least five people were killed and two children were injured Tuesday in a shooting that occurred in Northern California. The incident began in a residential building and ended in the building of the primary school.

According to local authorities, the gunman killed by police.

At least seven of the victims, the status information which has not yet been admitted.

According to local media, police are investigating in connection with the shots thundered about eight o’clock in the morning near the elementary school Rancho Tehama. It is also reported that the investigation is conducted in other places.

According to Phil Johnson – assistant to the local Sheriff, shooter is choosing targets at random.

As Johnson explained, speaking with journalists, one child was shot and killed on school grounds, the other in the truck that he was driving with a woman who was wounded in the shooting.

A local resident named Brian flint told reporters that the assailant was his neighbor, whom flint was known only as “Kevin”.

According to flint, was among the victims were his roommates. He also said that the gunmen stole a truck belonging to him. Flint added that he and his roommate told authorities that Kevin was acting like a mentally deranged person and threatened them.