Siemens will start producing its own system of electricity storage

Siemens will start producing its own system of electricity storage


German industrial giant Siemens and the American energy company AES have combined efforts to produce their own energy storage systems under the brand name Energy Fluence. The company’s products will be sold in 160 countries and will be able to oust the company Tesla together with SolarCity creates such decisions.

The company reported that they will use industrial technological development designed for a wide range of customers, promising the integration of their own products including renewable energy. Projects the company will maintain a “from scratch”, providing analysis at the beginning of the work and serving ready-made objects.

Fluence Energy already received from the government all necessary to start working permits and were able to license their activities to work in the international market. Thus, the project of 400 MW / h has already been confirmed for construction in California.

The company believes that the popularity of distributed energy will only grow, because the Land is full of regions that already suffer from natural disasters, and the development of the Fluence Energy will help to cope with their consequences, constantly maintaining the flow of electricity when natural disasters or accidents.