Singapore cyclists will make mine cryptocurrency on bikes

Singapore cyclists will make mine cryptocurrency on bikes


OBike is a Singaporean company that rents bicycles, said that from now on all guests of the city who used its services, will mined yourself during Cycling cryptocurrency a little pocket money.

To implement the idea of company is going to launch its own coins under the name oCoin — you can rent a bike or pay for purchases at partners oBike. The scheme of mining cryptocurrencies is simple: the longer the trip, the more it can mined by the cyclist.

“For the first time in the world people can earn money using a popular service,” — says his idea of leadership of the company.

About the new coin while it is known only that it will work on blockchain-platform Thron. And that, perhaps, everything. How users will create with the help of a Bicycle — not specified, but seems to light weight bikes, mobile farm for 4-6 cards nobody is going. Unknown and how much you will earn rider for the trip. However, the idea of good is the fact that thanks to it more people can learn about bitcoin.

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