SK raided the head office of the O1 Properties

SK raided the head office of the O1 Properties


Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC

The staff of the Investigative Committee on Friday came with searches to the head office O1 Properties involved in the real estate office. In the most investment, the company announced that it is connected with the case of damage to the sports society “Dynamo”

The interlocutor of RBC in the Investigative Committee announced that the search is carried out that is associated with the case of the sports society “Dynamo”. The investigative actions of RBC was confirmed by the press service of the company. According to the representative of O1 Properties Elena Belevtseva, they are associated with the criminal case against the employees of the society “Dynamo”.

“We provide full assistance to the investigation,” said Belevtseva.

On the eve of the criminal case about the damage the sports society “Dynamo” the Investigative Committee explained and searches in the Central office of the group of companies PEAK. The company itself indicated that investigations were not associated either with the activity PEAK, or its employees.

Sources TASS claim that the searches conducted by the FSB. According to RBC, near the office of PIK during a search of riot police were on duty.

A criminal case on the fact of damage of the Moscow city branch of all-Russian sports society “Dynamo” was filed on February 11 under part 2 of article 201.

What kind of project is it, remains unclear. However, in 2006 the company Horus Capital, owned by the current President of PIK group, Sergey Gordeev, was intended to build on 6 ha in the place of water stadium “the Dynamo” (total square footage was about 16.7 hectares). The company planned to build a sports complex with an area of about 10-15 thousand square meters, the business Park “Olympia Park” on 50 thousand square meters, investing around $120 million, wrote the newspaper “Business”.

Later, the area of the business Park increased to 70 thousand sq m. However, in late 2010, Horus Capital sold the unfinished “Olympia Park” O1 Properties Boris mints, which introduced it in the summer of 2011. In early 2013, the facility again changed hands: it was the company “Kaspersky Lab”. The Palace of sports “Water stadium”, which was originally included in the investment contract between Horus and Capital sports society “Dynamo”, was opened only in April 2013.

The source of RBC familiar with the conditions of the sale of the “Olympia Park”, said that all the conditions of the investment contract with society “Dinamo” were executed. However, he suggested that the claims of the Dynamo can be connected with the difficult financial situation of the society in which it was recently.

29 Dec 2016 VTB sold 74.99% of shares of JSC “FC “Dinamo-Moscow” for a symbolic 1 ruble. the all-Russian sports society (VFSO) “the Dynamo”. Earlier, the Chairman of a society Vladimir Strzhalkovsky said that in 2017 the budget of football club “Dynamo” will be reduced by 60%.