Skype the second day suffers global failure

Skype the second day suffers global failure


Crashing Skype

Users from different countries to massively complain of problems with Skype to services no access, it is impossible to receive or send a message. For some users the app shows the ongoing group call, the other can not add new contact. The problem has affected all European countries, most strongly manifested in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Also crashing was observed in Israel and the United States.

According to DownDetector, the hardest situation was worsened on June 19 at about 22:00 20 Jun 10:00 UK time. During these periods it was up to 650 messages about the glitch in the Skype. About half of the users are unable to log into the system, 12% complain of disruptions in video and voice communication, 33% for problems with message transfer. In social networks, including Twitter, users have noted that the failure of the messenger has a negative impact on their work and other Affairs.

Microsoft confirmed the problems still June 19th, but the 20th was forced to upgrade to an official statement, since users still had problems. The company said that the study of the causes continues.

Recent changes in Skype

In early June, Microsoft announced that it would stop support for Skype in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. To use Skype on devices running these operating systems will not be possible from 1 July. At the same time is limited to support for Skype for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows RT, and smart TVs.

Messenger Skype is experiencing a global failure