Social NGOs will hold the party line

Social NGOs will hold the party line


“United Russia” and the management of presidential grants will consult representatives of the third sector of the economy

Photo: RIA NOVOSTI/Ramil Sitdikov

Representatives of the Fund for presidential grants, will participate in the Second forum of social innovation in Krasnogorsk and in the forum “United Russia”, devoted to the problems of socially oriented nonprofit organizations (so NPOs) which will pass in Yaroslavl. Both events are scheduled for June. This “Izvestia” said the interlocutors in the party and confirmed by the Director of the presidential grants Ilya Chukalin. Thus, the “United Russia” intends to become a mediator between the government and NGOs in financing. Experts meanwhile believe that to politicize this sphere impossible.

Information that at the end of June, the party will hold a forum on the problems of NGOs, “news” was confirmed by Deputy Secretary General Council of United Russia Olga batalina. She said that during the meeting of the program Commission of the EP this decision was supported by the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev.

The head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan said that the programme of the forum is to discuss issues of “access of NGOs to provide social services and support socially oriented organizations.”

We are aware that development of the third sector is needed in the country. This issue on the forum social innovation will be devoted to a round table where the representatives of the Directorate of presidential grants will tell the participants, including representatives of NGOs, about what has changed in the system of the draw of presidential grants — explained “Izvestia” Valery Ryazansky.

Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova, said that the grant support is important especially for NGOs implementing programs of assistance to citizens in difficult life situations.

— NGOs should be able to Express themselves. And we need to teach it, — told “Izvestia” Galina Karelova. — “United Russia” will actively use the forum to discuss this topic and especially the development of infrastructure to support socially-oriented NGOs. Perhaps in the end we will reach a new legislative solutions.

The Director of the presidential grants Ilya Chukalin confirmed the “news” staff participation in upcoming events.

— On the forum we will discuss the meaningful moments of the funding of the third sector. We want to understand trends and problems of funding today’s non-profit organizations, — explained the “news” Ilya Chukalin. — It is important to avoid practices of the past, when one organization conducted via different contests one and the same project.

Political analyst Dmitry Orlov told “Izvestiya” suggested that United Russia plans to start development of the third sector.

— As far as I know, this issue was raised by the Chairman of the party at the meeting of the program Commission. He demanded that the EP design organizational and financial resources to the nonprofit sector. This is a really important issue that the party intends to do in the future, he explained “Izvestia”.

In turn, member of the Council on human rights Elena Topoleva-Soldunova said that the development of socially-oriented NGOs has become popular and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the party began to show interest in her.

— Probably, it is good when NCOs are trained to work skillfully with the program of presidential grants. However, it is important to note that the entire positive reserve is possible only under the condition that during the consultation will not “distort” the party agenda. Unacceptable situations in which NGOs will tell you that they will be able to receive money only under condition of membership of its members in the party organization, she said.

According to experts, the impetus for the development WITH NGOs could become a competition between parties in the sphere of training of the representatives of the third sector.