Solid Power and BMW will create a solid new generation batteries

Solid Power and BMW will create a solid new generation batteries


Recently, the company signed the contract on cooperationin which frameworks will be developed a new battery type, which allows to bring the performance of batteries for electric vehicles to a new level. According to a statement published on the website of Solid Power, the need to develop the company already has, BMW will promote technology Solid Power on the market of electric vehicles.

Solid state batteries — an improved version of modern lithium-ion batteries, in which liquid electrolyte is replaced by solid conductive material. Thanks to this modification of the battery have a solid durability, greater capacity and faster to reload. In addition, significantly reduces the likelihood of explosion or fire battery.

Engineers of the American company Solid Power has made substantial cost reductions in the manufacture of batteries of a new type, so in the future we can expect falling prices for electric vehicles, one of the most costly components which are now just batteries.

The amount of the transaction the two companies were not disclosed, nor is reported any time the appearance of new items on the market, but, judging by the fact that BMW is working on the creation of several models, elektroauto, batteries Solid Power machine of the German automaker will be completed in the next few years.