Sorcerers of war

Sorcerers of war


Writer Alexander Prokhanov is about why the Berlin meeting the Russian President was stronger than his companions

In Berlin took place negotiations in the “Norman format.” The President of Russia met at a round table with the President of France, Chancellor of Germany, the President of Ukraine. This trip has given Vladimir Putin a hard time. A few months ago when the Ukrainian saboteurs entered the territory of the Crimea, killed a police officer, was arrested and convicted of terrorism, the Russian President’s outrage was not the limit. He said that breaks with the Normandy format, Poroshenko, for it no longer exists, and Ukraine’s relations with Russia are entering a new phase of uncompromising.

Recently the French President Hollande in an affront to Vladimir Putin, the form stated that he refused to meet him when he arrives in Paris for the opening of Orthodox center. And before Merkel, has long turned from a friend of Russia in its ardent enemy, has said Russia deserves tougher sanctions. Speech Poroshenko during his Scandinavian visit beyond all limits of decency. And still, Putin flew to Berlin, to the camp of the enemy and sat down at the negotiating table alone against three enemies.

The talks in Berlin have brought little, although some microscopic changes in the best way they found. But the lesson of the Berlin meeting is the behavior of the President of Russia, who, despite the insults, violations of diplomatic norms, after all, went to Berlin and thus showed the highest diplomatic plasticity, demonstrated preference to national interests of Russia and the momentary resentment. That’s what major public figures, leading the diplomatic battle with the superior forces of the enemy.

Russia has two “front” that requires a lot of effort: the Donbass, which continues to rumble artillery, with impunity, killed civilians and heroes Novorossiysk resistance, as happened with Motorola. And Syria, where the conflict every day expands, involving more and more political and military resources. The two front go to Russia considerable price tension military, political and moral strength.

In case of victory in the U.S. election, Hillary Clinton, this trigger-happy rushanabutsu, it is likely the opening of the third front in the Caucasus, where will pour untold money to support terrorists, as it was during the two Chechen wars. Possible fourth front in the republics of Central Asia, where weak, immature modes are already exposed to attacks by extremists and the “orange revolution”, the overthrow of legitimate governments is very real.

To prevent the occurrence of third and fourth fronts to reduce military risks in the Donbass and Syrian tracks — here today the purpose of Russian diplomacy, the goal of the President of Russia. This purpose is opposed to increasing a multiplying effect on Russia from the West, whose mission — to destroy the Russian presentation about their country, about their history, about their leaders, about the historical way.

This influence is so extensive and complicated, that many have ceased to jemenitica talking about the cold war, the war that destroyed the Soviet Union without firing a shot. The Soviet state was surrounded by numerous regional conflicts, has sent information attacks on the basic values of our country, turned them to dust based on those segments of the population that relied on the West, felt hostility to the Soviet system.

Today this kind of influence on Russian society is still more refined. They are addressed to each layer separately public and society as a whole. Particularly powerful influences to the President of Russia. Insulted, demonized, trying to knock off the intended purposes, tempt, flatter, cheat, threaten Hague Tribunal, afraid of the monstrous compromising, Russia promised a thermonuclear war in which the state will burn.

Predict the international Tribunal, which the country, its leaders and military will stand by the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. Russia threatened with new sanctions and the collapse of the economy. Russian accused of hacking into the American structure and promised retaliatory attacks, which paralyze the entire Russian economy, will lead to a series of global catastrophes.

Russia sent a powerful organizational weapon of the West, capable of destroying any organization: not only corporations, but also the state itself, the very public integrity. The authors of these impacts are politicians, economists, political scientists, social psychologists, historians, masters of information warfare specialists in the theory of images, and controlled chaos, religious leaders, psychics, writers, connoisseurs of Russian culture.

All these wizards of war intended to cripple the growing power of the Russian state. To stop its promotion in the world. To deprive the allies to drive into a strategic trap.

But we’re taught bitter lessons of the Soviet Union, which could not stand the pressure, was deceived by Western propaganda, had the elite and leaders who have betrayed their Homeland. Today Russian people are equipped with the tragic experience of losing his state. The head of Russia is the leader with the political will, vision and mystical experience that shows him the right path among the maze of contemporary politics.

That is why President Vladimir Putin went to Berlin and sat down at the negotiating table with Russia’s enemies all three of them together were weaker than him.

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