South Korea is building a “city” to test self-driving cars

South Korea is building a “city” to test self-driving cars


In South Korea, has just opened the first section of a test bed for self-driving cars with an area of 323 749 square meters. The platform, dubbed “K-City”, located approximately 32 kilometers from the South Korean capital, Seoul.

According to local news publication the Korea Herald, to simulate real Korean roads and streets at the facility will be built in Central city and suburban roads, urban infrastructure and many homes. The project is building in parts, and now put only the first section includes four lanes road. Full completion of construction and commissioning of the entire test bed promise by the end of 2018. Here will be able to test their driverless cars companies such as Samsung, SK Telecom, Hyundai and Kia Motors.

South Korea has very ambitious plans for self-governing transport. The construction of the test bed is intended to increase the speed and efficiency of the implementation of government policy on the creation of commercial availability of vehicles with the third level of autonomy for the next three years.

By the way, in this respect, the Asian country is not alone in their desires. For example, in the United States is also a major testing ground. Waymo company engaged in the development of the technology of unmanned vehicles, built in the California desert landfill “Castle” area 404 668 square meter. On the creation of another, larger test site running the University of Michigan. It will be built on the territory of the former aircraft manufacturing plant owned by General Motors. This landfill is planned to open in the next month, and he will take area of 1.4 square kilometers.

All these test platforms will play an important role in the preparation of self-driving cars for use on public roads. Collected during these tests the data will help developers to ensure that such equipment meets all the necessary levels of security before you get on city streets.