Spectacular Mueller was accused of illegally obtaining letters transition team trump

Spectacular Mueller was accused of illegally obtaining letters transition team trump


Спецпрокурора Мюллера обвинили в незаконном получении писем переходной команды Трампа

In the office of spectracolor stated that correspondence received as a result of the relevant criminal proceedings

The organization, created to provide a transition period after the election Donald trump President, said on Saturday that spectracolor investigating allegations of Russian interference in the elections in the United States in 2016, illegally received tens of thousands of emails.

Corey Langhofer, counsel for the transition team of trump, known as Trump for America (TFA), sent a letter to congressional committees, in which he said that the team of spectacular Robert Mueller wrongly received correspondence from managing General agencies (USON), which is a government body.

Staff Agency staff “illegally transferred closed TFA materials, including confidential correspondence, office of the special Prosecutor”, the letter said, a copy of which was available to Reuters. The letter notes that the material supplied included “tens of thousands of emails”.

Transition team trump used material resources Management of common services that helps to manage the bureaucracy of the Federal government, in the period between the victory of the Republican candidate the election in November and his inauguration in January.

The prosecution team trump reinforces the growing tension between supporters of the President and office of Mueller, who headed the investigation of possible Russian interference in the election and the possible collusion of trump or members of his team to Moscow.

Responding to a request for comment, White house spokesman Sarah Sanders said: “We continue to fully cooperate with the special Prosecutor and expect that this process will soon be completed”.

The office of the special Prosecutor did not attach importance to the complaint of the transition team.

“When in the course of our criminal investigation, we received emails, we or have obtained the consent of the owner of the account or use relevant criminal proceedings”, – said the representative of the office of spectracolor Peter Carr.

In the USON has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The Democrats say about the large-scale campaign to discredit the investigations of Muller, which are supposedly allies of the President on Capitol hill and in the media.

The trump repeatedly said that the work of Muller is a waste of time.

“There is absolutely no conspiracy. It’s been proven,” said trump reporters on Friday.

Russia denies any interference in the elections.

On Friday, Congressman Adam Schiff, a senior Democrat in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence, expressed concern that the Republican majority intends to prematurely close the investigation Committee on this issue. Some Republicans believe that Muller refers to the Trump biased and must be dismissed.

Langhofer a letter was sent to the Senate Committee on homeland security and governmental Affairs and the house Committee on oversight and government reform.