Spectacular Mueller will check, you know the trump of contacts with Russia

Spectacular Mueller will check, you know the trump of contacts with Russia


Спецпрокурор Мюллер проверит, знал ли Трамп о контактах с Россией

The investigators questioned the former co-chair of the campaign headquarters of Republican candidate

The investigation team, led by special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, finds out did the President, Donald trump contacts of people in his campaign headquarters with representatives of the Kremlin.

As reported Saturday by Reuters, during the interrogation, the former co-chair of the campaign headquarters respublikanskogo candidate Sam Clovis, the investigators were interested in what was known to the White house about such contacts.

“The main issue for Mueller is that if you knew that candidate trump and subsequently President of the trump of negotiations with Russia, who approved them and who directed them, – said the source Agency. – While this question has no answer.”

Sam Clovis, currently holding the position of senior Advisor to the Ministry of agriculture, gave a statement to the Grand jury in the investigation of the intervention of Russia in election campaign of 2016. He also agreed to cooperate with representatives of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate, leading its own investigation.

In October of this year it became known that Clovis adopted the initiative of the adviser to the election campaign on foreign policy issues George Papadopoulos, who said that he has contacts with high-ranking officials of the Kremlin administration, and can arrange a personal meeting with Donald trump, Vladimir Putin.

According to eyewitnesses, Clovis then expressed his satisfaction with the “excellent work” done by Papadopoulos saying that the question about the meeting “will be considered in the near future.”

In July of this year, George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to providing false information to FBI agents, and trying to hide information about contacts with the Russian representatives.

President Donald trump has consistently denied the existence of such contacts, calling the investigation by spectaculorum Robert Muller, “witch hunt”.